Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thoughts on autumn

So many people view autumn as a time of death, of things going dormant. I've always felt it was a time of personal growth for me.

Think of an animal hibernating. They're going underground now. But it's not a time of stagnation for them. Many of the females are pregnant. All are fat with the fall harvest, sleeping through the winter, so many changes going on beneath the surface.

And perennials go dormant too, or so it appears. But they are only resting, waiting for the spring to burst into their full beauty and glory.

I am always contemplative and introspective in the fall. I may seem quiet, but this weird lil' brain is humming with activity. Who knows what is going on in my mind? Well, nobody. Not even myself half the time. My thoughts really do run the gamut on these long nights, and not always to a good place - but the people I care for pull me back.

The point of this blog entry? None, really. Just felt like writing something, I guess.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

howdy y'all

If anyone is still checking this besides people who are googling "Angie blog"... there, since I actually put the phrase in I'll get it even more...

Things have been going better for me lately. I recently found a few articles I've been missing for a while. They weren't things that are worth money but mean a lot to me personally. I think it's some kind of a sign that my life will be improving.

Emotionally too, much happier and more self-reliant over the last few months.

So maybe I'm just finally finding myself. =)