Saturday, May 08, 2010

Metamorphosis 3

Right now I'm reading The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson. The one I got from the library is the Penguin edition which also includes some of his short stories. These older classics are a bit harder to get through because the language seems a bit dated to us, but the story is compelling, and it's fascinating how Jekyll and Hyde are recognizable archetypes to this day.

Metamorphosis 2

Next up was Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison. We also join this story sometime in the 1930s and it continues until the 1960s. It is about a black family in the US; the central character grows up and needs to find himself amidst the backdrop of the civil rights movement. Lots of strangeness too but in a good way!


Trying to make myself a more well-rounded reader... I've embarked on trying to read all 100 of the must-read novels as chosen by someone at the Guardian newspaper in the UK.

So far I have read Atonement by Ian McEwen. A very good drama set in England in the 1930s to the present. A young girl from an affluent family is going through traumas like many 13-year-olds, but she further complicates her life and those of others when she makes a false accusation... and spends the rest of her life atoning, hence the title.