Thursday, August 25, 2005


I really think that shopping for school supplies is one of the most stressful things you have to do as a parent! Not only is it bloody expensive, when you've got three kids, but some things are almost impossible to find! I thought I had it all licked because I managed to order most of the things from Staples, but even then I still had to go to four different stores to get everything else. Zellers had most of the other things, but they didn't have any duotangs left! I was looking all over the aisle to see if there was a hidden stash, and parent after parent came, stared blankly at the empty shelf and left. So I was forced to go to Superstore, which I dislike intensely, to get duotangs and luckily they had some of the more elusive exercise books that I needed. Some of those things are so specific! "80-page Hilroy Redi-Tab exercise book (not coiled), interlined, (not half and half), 27 cm x 21 cm." And there were thesaurii galore, but not the Roget's one that was specifically needed for Matthew's list. I ended up driving to a Chapter's store just for that one item. And do you think I could find oil pastels anywhere? Noooo, I had to go to a craft store to find that elusive holy grail.

And to top it all off, I miscalculated the number of duotangs so I have to go out and find more.


Courtney said...

wait until highschool
you're going to love all the book fees, option fees and best of all, registration fees through the roof.

Angie T. said...

Don't worry, I'm getting that already with my oldest in grade 9. It's ridiculous!